Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tip #2 – Miscellaneous Server Settings

The Advantage Configuration Utility provides an easy interface for configuring your Advantage Server. One of the rarely used tabs is Misc. Settings. There are four options on this tab which can provide some useful functionality.

Advantage Configuration Utility

Number of worker threads: This setting determines the maximum number of concurrent operations the server will process at a time. If the number of simultaneous requests exceeds this value the additional requests will be queued until an operation is completed. The default value is 8 and we recommend setting between 8 and 16 worker threads per processor.  If you are on a very busy system periodically check to see if the max used value is the same as the configured value. Worker threads are not dynamically allocated by the Server.

Maximum Size of Error Log: This setting limits the size of the error log (ads_err.adt or ads_err.dbf) to the size, in kilobytes, specified. When the error log reaches the specified size a third of the records are deleted and then reused.

Suppress Message Boxes: The Advantage service may sometimes display an error message in a dialog box. The most commonly occurs when a request to stop the service while users are still connected is received. This is not an issue if someone is logged into the server and can respond to the message. However, if the shutdown is done using a script there is no way to respond to the message box. When this setting is chosen any errors will be logged to the application event log instead of displaying a message box.

Disable Free Connections: This setting provides additional security by only allowing connections to a data dictionary on the server. This gives you the option to authenticate every user, if Logins Required is specified on the data dictionary. You can still access free tables located in the data dictionary path even though you are making a data dictionary connection.

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