Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tip #14 – Using Auto Correct

Auto correct is another great feature which is included in the ARC SQL editor. By default there are not auto correct rules defined for the editor. However you can add your own rules on the Auto correct tab on the Editor Options window.

ARC SQL Properties

I like to have my SQL keywords in all caps for readability. Therefore I added the keywords that I use most to the Auto correct options. This will automatically replace a lower case “select” with “SELECT” automatically. Remember that it will only replace when an exact match is defined. Therefore “Select” will not be replaced with “SELECT” in my case.

One additional benefit of this feature is you can define shortcuts which will be replaced with a useful function. I like to define “s*” to be replaced with “SELECT * FROM”. This gives me a quick way to select all the contents of a table.

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