Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips Round Three Complete

The third round of tips is now complete. All of the tips ( 41 – 60 ) are listed below. The first round of tips were posted in November 2008 and the second round were posted in February 2009. All of the tips are tagged with Tips making them easy to find.

  1. Creating Tables with SQL
  2. Adding Tables to a Dictionary
  3. Removing Tables from a Dictionary
  4. Altering Table Structure
  5. Modifying Table Properties
  6. Getting Server Information from AdsConnection Object
  7. Getting a List of Tables on a Connection
  8. Get Database Info from AdsConnection Object
  9. Retrieving Database Objects
  10. Working with Connection Events
  11. Using the Advantage Crystal Reports Driver
  12. Opening a Crystal Report with Visual Studio
  13. Dynamically Assigning a DataSet to a Report
  14. Design a Table within the Delphi IDE
  15. Pausing Replication
  16. Using Advantage Online Backup
  17. Creating a Differential Backup
  18. Restoring Data
  19. Backup and Restore Options
  20. AdsBackup Utility Options

My plan is to get another round of tips published before the end of the year. Hopefully you found something useful in this round of tips. If you have any suggestions or ideas for future tips feel free to add your comments and suggestions.

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