Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tip #59 – Backup and Restore Options

There are several options that can be used when backing up or restoring a database. Some of these were shown in other tips, however, I thought I would highlight them in a single spot.

  • PrepareDiff – Prepares ADT tables for a differential backup
  • Diff – Performs a differential backup
  • Include – Includes specified tables
  • Exclude – Excludes specified tables
  • DontOverwrite – Will not overwrite existing tables
  • MetaOnly – Only backs up the table structures no data
  • TableTypeMap – Defines the types of tables ( i.e. ADT, CDX ) when backing up or restoring free tables

These options are specified in the options parameter of the system procedures. Multiple options are delimited by using a semi-colon ( ; ). Lists of items ( i.e. Include, Table Type Map ) are delimited by commas ( , )


For a full description of all of the options refer to the help file.

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