Thursday, August 27, 2009

Advantage Technical Summit Day 2

Day two of the Advantage Technical Summit included in-depth training on SQL, Data Dictionaries, Stored Procedures, Replication, Triggers, File Formats, Delphi, Visual Studio and Visual FoxPro. Our SQL training is broken up into four sessions which go from the basics through SQL scripting and information on SQL optimization.

It is a very full day of training and we received a lot of great feedback from the attendees. This group has been very interactive with lots of questions and input during the training. We had two tracks running providing a total of twelve classes during our second day.

The final session of the day was presented by Anders Olsen from Embarcadero Technologies. Anders spent about 90 minutes discussing the latest version of Delphi which is included in RAD Studio 2010. We will be supporting Delphi 2010 with the next service release of Advantage.

UPDATE: You can get some additional information from JD's blog.

After the training we hosted the Potomac Area FoxPro User Group meeting. There was a great turnout and like all the other FoxPro groups we have visited this year they were a great group of developers. We discussed Advantage and our unique offering for the Visual FoxPro community. Many thanks to all the members that showed up for the meeting.

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