Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Advantage Technical Summit Day 1

The first day of the Advantage Technical Summit began with the Techwave keynote presentation. After lunch the Advantage track began with an introduction from Mike Hagman the Advantage Product Manager. From there the training went much like it does when we hold it in Boise.

I did an overview of the server with about half the attendees. You can view a quick overview of Advantage here. JD Mullin conducted a round table with the rest of the attendees. The roundtable is an excellent opportunity to interact directly with the Advantage R&D team and provide feedback on how Advantage is performing with your application. You also get a peek at some of the upcoming features.

After the first two sessions the next presentation was on the Advantage Full Text Search engine. An online seminar discussing Full Text Search can be download here.

The last session of the day was our product direction session. For this session J.D. Mullin discusses the plans for the next version of Advantage. You have to attend this session to get this information. However, you can see a list of the upcoming features on the DevZone. You can also see which features have been completed by going to the Advantage UserVoice page.

You can follow all the happenings at the conference on Twitter.


Anonymous said...


Any announcements at the summit regarding timeline for Delphi 2010 support?


Chris Franz said...


We did talk about Delphi 2010 during the Advantage Technical Summit. We will include support for Delphi 2010 in the next service release. You can get more details in this announcement