Monday, January 19, 2009

Tip #31 – Assigning Permissions for Multiple Database Objects

To assign permissions for various database objects you choose properties of a user or group and then click the Permissions button. This brings up the permissions dialog which lists the various database objects. Clicking on the checkboxes changes the permission for the corresponding object. This could possibly take a long time if you have many database objects, fortunately there is a shortcut which makes this process easier.

You can right-click on a column (Select in the example below) which brings up a context menu. You from here you can grant the permission to all objects listed (tables in the example), grant the permission with the ability to grant the same permission to other users and groups or revoke the permission for all objects.


The checkboxes have three different states: No permissions, permission, permission with grant. The first is just the gray box, the second a red check mark in the box and the third is a red check mark with a plus sign in the box. The screenshot below shows the different states:

Permission Indicators

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