Thursday, June 24, 2010

ADS 10 Tip # 19 – Creating Tables Within the Delphi IDE

Delphi_CreateTable Version 10 of the Advantage Components for Delphi include some new enhanced property editors. Version 9 included support for modifying existing tables within the Delphi IDE, with version 10 you can also create a new table as well. An option has been added to the context menu of the TAdsTable component called "Create Table". Clicking on this option will bring up a Table Designer allowing you to create a new table. You must set the AdsConnection or DatabaseName property before creating a new table.

The Table Designer is the same one used in Advantage Data Architect (ARC) and allows you to create any of the supported table types. You can use the designer to add order, binary and full text search indexes. With dictionary bound tables you can add any of the additional table properties such as constraints. You can also load a pre-defined table schema using the Schema menu.


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