Saturday, October 20, 2012

SWFox & SWXbase Day 3

SWFox_Booth_SatSaturday morning began our last day at the conference. I arrived in the exhibit hall early and made some quick changes to our booth, putting out a few more giveaways. We were scheduled to leave that evening so I wanted to have as many people as possible dropping by.

We had quite a few people stop by and tell us about how they had been using Advantage for many years and were very happy with the performance, we love hearing that. Several also told us how they were using version 8 which is always a bit of a surprise. However, I have always been a proponent of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Although I think that after hearing about all the great features in version 11 some are thinking about some upgrades.

Keeping up with our reputation of having the best giveaways as expressed by Eric Selje in my favorite tweet of the weekend:

@AdsEvangelist Sybase does have the coolest stuff, in swag and tech. #SWFox

This year we had cars, cell phone stands and playing cards to give away. Everything that was left over at the end was donated to the FoxPro usergroup presidents so they can get it to their members.


SWFox_PrizeOur prize this year was a pico projector. We collected entries until lunchtime on Saturday and then had Tamar Granor do the drawing just before the sessions started after lunch. Congratulations to Jim Nelson on winning the projector.

As always I had a great time and I want to thank everyone from Geek Gatherings for putting the conference together. I also want to express my thanks to everyone that stopped by to chat, ask questions or enter our contest. Both the FoxPro and Xbase++ communities are full of amazing people. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next year.

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