Thursday, October 18, 2012

SWFox / SWXbase Day 1

IMG_0385This is my 6th year attending SWFox in Phoenix Arizona. It is always a great conference with many great developers. This year the conference was combined with SWXbase++ which brought more developers and a similar but different community to the show.

Having the XBase++ developers at the conference was great for us since just about all of them have heard of Advantage prior to attending. There were also several of our partners in attendance.

The event always kicks off with a keynote followed by an Exhibitor Reception. This year the keynote included several awards and recognitions, including two lifetime achievement awards for Cathy Knight and Craig Boyd.

The featured speaker at this years keynote was Jennifer Marsman a developer evangelist from Microsoft. Jennifer is a very energetic speaker and she highlighted many of the new developer centric features of Windows 8. The general consensus of the people I spoke with after the keynote were really impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm. You can view the recorded keynote here.

After the keynote there was a reception in the exhibit hall. This was our chance to see everyone at the conference for the first time. It was good to see lots of familiar faces and to have so many people come by to say hello and to chat.

I will be doing two sessions while I am at the conference one at 2PM on Friday and another at 2PM on Saturday. Hope to see some of you there.

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