Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SAP TechEd Day 3

SAP Teched 2012 - Las Vegas, USAFor day 3 of TechEd I was working at the Ecosystems & Channels booth in the Clubhouse area of the show floor. It is always interesting to work in a booth at a tradeshow. You get to meet all kinds of people with all sorts of different backgrounds, which makes for some great conversations.

The Clubhouse area had a lot of traffic with people visiting the SAP Community Network booth, the slot car racing and the classic games area. There was also a coffee bar setup right next to our booth which was almost always crowded.

The best thing about working in the clubhouse was our proximity to the Clubhouse Theater. This area was set aside for quick 30 minute presentations which went on all day long. Since we were so close I got to listen in on several of these presentations as well as attend a couple.

One of the sessions I attended was on Visual Intelligence which is a new product that was discussed in the opening keynote. It is a really interesting tool that allows for creating quick visualizations of data. It requires no programming or SQL knowledge so it can be used by almost anyone.

p1201444946-2Another cool session that I listened in on was by a group of middle school students from Roberto Clemente Middle School developed a mobile app using SAP tools. Their application called Food Agent can be used for scanning bar codes in supermarkets that check food origins and possible food contamination. They did a demonstration of their application during Demo Jam, you can view their six minute demo here. Their application came in second place overall in a field of experienced developers.

If you didn’t attend TechEd this year and you develop using Sybase or SAP products you should consider attending. There are literally hundreds of sessions and many hands-on sessions available. Definitely a worth while investment.

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