Friday, October 15, 2010

SWFox Conference 2010

This was my fourth year attending the South West FoxPro conference. The event took place at a new venue this year the Legado Conference & Reception Center in Gilbert Arizona. I thought the conference center in the new hotel was better than in the past, and the rooms were quite nice. However, I enjoyed staying at the Arizona Golf Resort for the past conferences.

The event began with a keynote ( watch the video ) on Thursday night followed by a reception in the expo hall. I got an opportunity to catch up with several attendees that I have talked to at previous conferences and user group meetings. I am sure I say this every year but I always enjoy working with the FoxPro community.

We presented a session on extending data to a mobile device using our new Advantage Web API which is currently in beta ( sign-up ). Essentially the Web API will provide an interface for retrieving data over any Internet connection. The data is returned as a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) object which contains the data formatted based on the oData specification. JSON is a lightweight text notation similar to XML which is easy to read and write. Several JSON serializers are available for a variety of languages.

The class was well attended and we had several good questions. Since this API allows access to any of the data types supported by Advantage it is a good fit for FoxPro developers. Using compatibility mode existing FoxPro data can be sent to virtually any device easily and securely, without changing the existing application.

The conference continues through the weekend and I'll have another update tomorrow.

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