Saturday, October 16, 2010

SWFox Conference 2010 Wrap-Up

SWFox2010 We wrapped up our participation at SWFox on Saturday night. We gave away our Sybase Developer's Rock t-shirts and some Advantage 10 pens. We also provided copies of the latest Advantage book to all of the FoxPro user groups who had representatives attending.

We had a second opportunity to present our class on extending FoxPro data to mobile devices on Saturday morning. Once again we had several attendees and we were able to have a good discussion of the technology and the mobile landscape. Overall the technology was well received and I got some great feedback on how it could be used in the field.

SWFox2010_Giveaway This year we gave away two of the bran new AppleTV devices. We gave one away at the dinner reception on Friday night and the other was given away after lunch on Saturday. I would like to congratulate David Bernard and Ross Taylor and I hope they enjoy their new AppleTVs.

Finally my thanks once again to all the conference organizers; Rick Schummer, Doug Hennig and Tamar Granor who always make the conference run smoothly. See you all next year.

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