Saturday, October 17, 2009

Southwest Fox Day Two

Day two of Southwest Fox had a much lighter schedule than day one. There were only twenty nine sessions scheduled. As you can imagine attendance was down just a bit for the 8:30 am sessions but by 10 everyone was back into learning mode. The afternoon sessions were very well attended.

I presented a session on Advantage Database Server right before lunch. My presentation was similar to the presentations that I have been giving at various FoxPro user groups over the past year. My presentation highlights the capabilities of the server along with demonstrations of using CloneDBC and concurrent access to the data. There were many good questions during the session and I got a lot of positive feedback about the product.

One of the really fun parts of the conference is the family like atmosphere. On the final session of the day an attack was planned by Craig Boyd on Doug Hennig. All of the people attending Craig's session were issued Nerf guns and Sybase iAnywhere Nerf grenades. Craig then lead the charge into Doug's session. The fight was over quickly given that the only armed parties were from Craig's session. Although the scene was brutal, hundreds of Nerf darts were scattered around, order was quickly restored and the sessions continued. See the video here.

Although there is no dinner provided on the second night of the conference many of the attendees look forward to the annual trip to F1 Race Factory here in Phoenix. There is a very intense rivalry between many of the regular speakers at the conference. It is the source of a lot of trash talk on Twitter prior to the conference and many hallway challenges during the conference.

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