Friday, October 2, 2009

FAQs – September 2009

Local Server on a 64-bit OS

Although we introduced a 64-bit version of Advantage with version 9.0 it is only the Client-Server (Remote) Server version. The Advantage Local Server (ALS) is only available as a 32-bit version. Any application that will use ALS must be compiled as a 32-bit application. When using Visual Studio make sure you set the target platform to x86 to ensure that your application will be compiled as 32-bit.

Working with Backup Sets

Advantage online backup allows users to create a backup of their database or free tables while the tables are in use. You can then further protect the data by making a backup of this backup with your normal backup software or procedures.

Any backup created using online backup must be restored prior to using it. The restore process copies the tables back to the specified location and verifies their integrity. It also rebuilds all of the indexes to ensure they are up to date. Attempting to open the backed up tables directly will result in errors.

You can restore a backup using sp_RestoreDatbase, sp_RestoreFreeTables or the adsbackup utility with the –r option.

Error 75 on Entity Framework Model

You may receive an error when generating an ADO.NET Data Model if your primary key fields are allowed to be NULL. The error may look like the following.

Error 75: Key Part: 'Employee_Number' for the type EMPLOYEE is not valid. All parts of the key must be non nullable.

All of the fields used in primary keys or as foreign keys must be set to be non nullable. The Null Valid property for all of these fields must be set to NO.

 Null Valid Option

Using the Entity Framework with Prism

Delphi Prism does not currently support the entity framework model wizard. There is no code generation for the oxygene language available for the wizard to utilize. You can manually map your tables, views and stored procedures into a model and write the code yourself. You could also generate the model using C# and access it from your Prism project.

There is some additional information about using Prism with the entity framework on Stack Overflow.

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