Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ready for SWFox

SWFox Southwest Fox 2009 begins Thursday night, this is my third year at the conference. I am particularly excited to see the keynote by Sara Ford from Microsoft. I am sure she will put on a good show as well as provide some good information.

This year there will be two presentations on Advantage during the conference. Ken Levy will be doing a session on Friday at 3:30 PM and I will be doing a session at 11:30 on Saturday. The session descriptions are below.

Using Advantage Database Server with FoxPro – Ken Levy

This session is an overview with useful scenario samples of using VFP with Sybase's Advantage Database Server (Advantage), as well as the free Advantage Local Server, OLE DB Provider, ODBC Driver and .NET Data Provider. Advantage can be used with Visual FoxPro as a database system, but its unique functionality is its data dictionary wrapping and using existing DBF data. This allows .NET and other technologies to use DBF based data of VFP applications while not requiring VFP applications to be modified. Advantage will play a key role in modernizing VFP applications with DBF data into the next decade. Ken will present a series of useful scenarios of using VFP DBF data with .NET, Office, and other products and technologies by leveraging Advantage tools and products, many of which are free for both development and deployment.

Advantage Database Server Have We Met? – Chris Franz

As companies store more and more data the need to organize and retrieve this data becomes critical. Use of a client/server database system provides secure storage of large amounts of data while providing high performance. Advantage Database Server provides a unique client/server solution for Visual FoxPro development while making data conversion unnecessary.
This session will provide an overview of Advantage Database Server's key features and demonstrate those features that are unique to FoxPro. You will learn:

  • How to connect to Advantage from FoxPro using remote views, cursor adapters and SQL pass-through.
  • Concurrent access to data from a FoxPro application and an ASP.NET website
  • Data security through restricted access and encryption
  • Accessing very large DBF tables ( >2gb )

I'll be doing daily posts from the conference and I may even post to Twitter as well. The FoxPro community are very avid users of twitter so you can get a real great perspective on the conference. Just take a look at what they are saying.

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Southwest Fox 2009

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