Friday, December 12, 2008

Advantage 9.1

If you subscribe to the Advantage Announcements RSS feed this may seem like old news. Version 9.1 has been available since November 21st. However, the physical product is now shipping. If you order an Advantage license and want a disk you will now receive version 9.1.

Version 9.1 is a roll up of all the service updates that have been done since version version 9.0 was released in March. For a full list of all the changes included with this release you can refer to this posting.  I would also recommend reading the effects of upgrading for additional information.

There was another small change made to the Delphi components after 9.1 was released. This applies to all Delphi clients and fixes a problem which prevented Delphi grids from going to the bottom of a static SQL result set. If you have check for updates turned on in Advantage Data Architect you should have already been prompted for the update.

Shortly after the 9.1 was posted the latest service update of 8.1 ( was posted. You can get all the details on the changes in this service update using this link.


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