Monday, December 15, 2008

The 100 Post Milestone

I have reached my 100th blog posting and I thought I would take this opportunity to be narcissistic to revisit some of the most popular postings to date. Surprisingly, the most popular post to date is “What’s in a Language?” which I posted back in June. This topic was widely discussed in the programming blog-o-sphere in May which may account for its popularity. I also found that June was the most trafficked month on my blog with the top 5 postings all in that month.

So I decided to adjust my thinking a bit and choose the postings which are consistently read as opposed to the ones that got the most hits. So without further ado here are the top 5.

  1. FAQs – June 2008
  2. The Advantage Cache System
  3. Book Review – Joel on Software
  4. FAQs – July 2008
  5. Troubleshooting Advantage Connection Issues

I was happy to see that my FAQs were being referenced regularly, since that was the intent after all. My book reviews also tend to be viewed quite often which encourages me to continue posting them as I finish books, feel free to vote against this in the comments :). With the article of connection issues rounding out the top 5, three of the postings were about resolving problems. So have no fear I will continue to post FAQs each month and I will do more posts about solving problems.

Thanks to everyone that has been reading through the first 100 posts. If your new WELCOME, glad to have you aboard. Hopefully, you have found something interesting or useful here. 

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