Friday, October 10, 2008

Speaking at VSLive!

VSLive_Vegas I will be speaking at VSLive! in Las Vegas on Tuesday October 14th. I will be doing two presentations on the Entity Framework Model. The descriptions for my sessions are below.

Introduction to the Entity Framework Model

ADO.NET 3.0 introduces the Entity Data Model (EDM) which is based on the Entity-Relationship data model. This session introduces you to this new data access method used in the next version of Visual Studio. We will discuss how to use the EDM in your future applications along with its features and benefits. The session will also include a discussion of integrating this new data access strategy into your existing ADO.NET applications.

Entity Data for Multiple Applications

One of the major strengths of the Entity Data Model (EDM) is it's ability to model data in many different ways. This is especially useful when the same data must be shared by several different applications which serve various business needs. The same tables can be represented differently for Sales and Technical support applications, for example. This session will focus on techniques for modeling data for various needs. A common database will be used as a foundation for creating several applications which serve different business needs.

I will be posting the source code and some of the content here after the conference. I hope to see you in Las Vegas!

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