Monday, October 13, 2008

FoxPro Grab Bag

This week is my FoxPro week. I will be at Southwest Fox in Mesa Arizona this week. We will be talking to FoxPro developers about how Advantage can help them. I am really excited about the show since I enjoyed it last year. The FoxPro community is very strong and full of great people.

Speaking of the FoxPro community Doug Henning will be doing a session on Advantage during the Southwest Fox conference. He posted a short (3.5 min) video about using Advantage full text search from Visual FoxPro. You can get the video here.

Since I am focusing on Visual FoxPro this week I thought I would point out some resources that are available. Code Central has been updated with a Visual FoxPro category. We have added links to several Advantage tools and documents under this new category.

I have also posted an example application, written in VFP 9.0 SP2, which uses SQL Passthrough to access an Advantage Data Dictionary. It uses the Advantage ODBC driver to connect to the data dictionary which was built for the Advantage book. The example application is built just like the other example applications written for the Developer’s Guide. Many thanks to Cary and Loy for all their hard work on both revisions of the book.

This months tech-tip is about converting a Visual FoxPro DBC into an Advantage data dictionary. A FoxPro prg file is distributed with the Advantage ODBC driver which reads the DBC and creates a data dictionary which can be used from an Advantage based application to access the Visual FoxPro tables. You can read the tech-tip here.

There are also a few screencasts demonstrating using FoxPro with Advantage.

As a final note our Advantage R&D manager J.D. Mullin did an interview with Andrew MacNeill for his FoxShow. You can listen to FoxShow podcast #49 which includes Andrew’s interview with J.D here.

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