Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Advantage Pure and Simple | Productivity

Tomorrow is the second in a three part series on Advantage version 10. You will have two opportunities to view the presentation and ask questions live. The first webcast is at 10AM EST and the second will be at 2PM EST. The description for tomorrow's webcast is below:

Advantage Database Server 10 | Pure and Simple

Over the past 15 years, the Advantage Database Server has become the heart of many data management applications with millions of deployments worldwide. Spring of 2010 will be significant for Advantage developers and users alike. Advantage Database Server 10 will be unveiled featuring key performance and usability enhancement and progression enablement like never before. Join us for this 3-part webcast series taking a close look at how Advantage Database Server 10 can impact your business for the greater good, pure and simple.

Webcast 2: Productivity

Building on our core principle of listening to our customers, Advantage Database Server 10 includes popular productivity and feature enhancements to the Advantage technology you have grown to love. Advantage 10 makes building your application enjoyable and easier to meet your customers needs.

You can register for the webcast using this link.

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