Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Advantage 10 Beta Now Available

ADS10_Beta  I have been discussing the many new features included in version 10 in the Advantage Pure and Simple Webcast Series. I have also been posting a series of screencasts demonstrating the various features of Advantage. These demos are all available on the DevZone under screencasts. Now you can download and test the latest version of Advantage. Just click on the image to register for the download.

Here is a quick list of the many new features and improvements included in Version 10.

  • Unicode
  • Nested Transactions
  • Transaction-Free tables
  • EventIDs
  • Express Queue Support
  • Table Data Caching
  • Temporary Table Caching
  • Boolean SQL Expressions
  • Query Execution Plan Improvements
  • Limiting Query Results
  • ROWNUM Support
  • SQL Bitwise Operators
  • SQL Timeout Property
    • More Expression Engine Functions
    • Advanced Delphi Property Editors
    • New Delphi Methods
    • New Delphi Component for Notifications
    • Automatically Configured Worker Thread Count
    • Binary Indexes
    • More 64-bit Clients
    • Support for Vulcan.NET
    • Side-by-Side Server Installations
    • New Help File Format
    • Many Performance Improvements

    You can get all the details on these features by reading the Advantage 10 Beta help file.

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