Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting into Web 2.0

I admit I am a bit behind on this new fangled web 2.0 revolution. However, I have been convinced that there are some good things about many of the social networks that are available. I started with LinkedIn about a year ago adding many of my colleagues and found that it was a good way to stay in contact with people I have worked with in the past.


If you are on LinkedIn and you have attended one of our Technical Summits in the past join the Advantage Technical Summit Alumni group.

Starting at Southwest Fox last year I was introduced to Twitter. The FoxPro community is very active on Twitter and I started an account as well. I don't do many tweets (twits?) but I send out updates periodically. You can also find JD Mullin, Advantage R&D manager, and Mike Hagman, Advantage product manager on Twitter.


I have also created a page on Facebook where I will be posting some events and discussions. I'll do my best to keep this page updated with information about the various events I attend. I have a few ideas on some discussions so feel free to join in.


If you are a user of StackOverflow and you have questions about Advantage use the "advantage-database-server" tag. You can get more information from our July newsletter.

Remember you can still interact with the Advantage community through our newsgroups.