Friday, May 15, 2009

Advantage with Delphi 2009 – Part 5

D2009_Part5 In the last part of our Advantage with Delphi 2009 series we add ranges and seeks to our application. Both of these operations require an active index to be used. First we create another groupbox with two input fields. These allow the user to set the top and bottom of a range.

A final groupbox is added as a find box. This will allow the users to perform a seek using the active index. Two types of seeks are demonstrated a FindNearest and FindKey.

The entire series will be posted in the Screencasts section of the DevZone. A list of all the individual screencasts is below:

  • Part 1 – Connecting and Viewing data
  • Part 2 – Inserting and Editing data
  • Part 3 – Filtering and Searching
  • Part 4 – Index Operations
  • Part 5 – Ranges and Seeks

You can also view the entire series on a single page.

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