Friday, April 17, 2009

Advantage with Delphi 2009 Screencast Series

View the ScreenCast With Delphi Live coming up in about a month it was time to update our Delphi Screencasts. I have been working on a series of screencasts based on the example project outlined in our Delphi Getting Started guide. I will be posting one screencast each week over the next 5 weeks. So be sure to check back every Friday for the new screencast.

Part one will begin with creating a Delphi 2009 project and setting up the initial form. The form contains a DBGrid and DBNavigator control. It uses a TAdsConnection and TAdsTable component to access the data. You can view the screencast by clicking on the image .

The entire series will be posted in the Screencasts section of the DevZone. A list of all the individual screencasts is below:

  • Part 1 – Connecting and Viewing data
  • Part 2 – Inserting and Editing data
  • Part 3 – Filtering and Searching
  • Part 4 – Index Operations
  • Part 5 – Ranges and Seeks

You can also view the entire series on a single page.

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