Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Updates

I have changed the look of my blog slightly over the past week. I added links across the top for several topics and for the Advantage DevZone. All of the tips that I have done are now gathered together with a Tips label. They also have their original labels (i.e. Server Tip, ARC Tip, SQL Tip) so you can still search for them that way. All of the topics will be displayed from newest to oldest and you can navigate through them at the bottom of the page. All of the other topics are listed underneath the Blog Archive listing.

I added a search form to the sidebar as well. Hopefully this will make it easier to find content on the blog. You can still see postings listed by date and you can filter by category from the category list. The search form just uses the built-in blogger functionality which seems to work pretty well. I have considered using Google Custom Search but I am not yet convinced that it is any better. Feel free to leave me a comment about the search functionality.

As a final note I have been using feedburner to manage the RSS feed for this blog. Feedburner was acquired by Google about a year ago and they are still working on integration tasks. As part of the integration all Feedburner accounts are being moved into Google accounts so I moved mine last week. This migration has changed the feed address, although the original feed should continue to work. I recommend updating your subscription to the new feed address: The subscribe link on the sidebar has been updated to the new address or you can use the link below.


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