Monday, September 22, 2008

We Want Your Feedback

Many of the features we have included in Advantage over the years have been the result of user feedback. We get most of our user feedback at our product direction sessions at the Advantage Technical Summit and European Advantage Conference. Our unequaled technical support team also collects suggestions which they forward on to the R&D team.

We will continue to collect feedback in all of these ways but now we have a more direct way for you to provide your feedback. We have a feedback site which allows you to vote for the features you would like to see in the product*.

The feedback site allows you to see, add, vote for and discuss suggestions. Suggestions which are accepted by the R&D team will be tagged with a “Started” or “Planned” flag.

You get 10 votes which you can assign to any suggestions you want. As suggestions that you have voted for are completed you get your votes back to apply to new suggestions. If you have already added or voted for suggestions thank you! If not visit the site and take a look at what other Advantage users would like to see.

* The product roadmap, features, enhancements, timelines and dates discussed on the feedback forum are forward looking and are subject to change. Sybase iAnywhere retains sole discretion as to when, if ever, discussed enhancements will occur.

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