Friday, September 19, 2008

Advantage Supported IDEs

I frequently get asked about which development environments Advantage Supports. I always start with the major ones Delphi, Visual Studio and Java. We also support many other environments such as Visual Objects, Clipper, PHP, Perl/DBI, C++ and Crystal Reports. The next question often times is which version of <development environment> is supported.

I try really hard not to answer the question with a question, for example “Which version of <development environment> are you currently using?”, so I try to answer with “We support version x through y of <development environment>. Most of the time I remember which version but sometimes I have to look it up. So in an effort to make this question easier I built a matrix of the supported clients.

The Advantage version is listed along the top and the development environment is listed down the left side. I did not include the generic clients; OLEDB, ODBC, JAVA, PHP since these are included in all of the Advantage versions listed.






Delphi 3 – 8 (TDataSet) Y Y Y N1
Delphi 2005 Y Y Y N
Delphi 2006 & 2007 Y2 Y Y Y
CBuilder 3 & 4 Y Y Y N
CBuilder 4 & Newer Y Y Y Y
Visual Basic 63 Y Y Y Y
Visual Studio 2003 Y Y Y Y
Visual Studio 2005 N Y Y Y
Visual Studio 2008 N N N Y4
Visual Objects 2.7 Y Y Y Y
Visual Objects 2.8 N N Y5 Y
Vulcan N N N Y6
Clipper7 Y Y Y Y
Visual FoxPro 9 N N N Y
Crystal Reports 6 - 8 Y Y Y Y
Crystal Reports 9 – 11 N Y Y Y
Crystal Reports 11 R2 & 2008 N N N Y

1 - Advantage 9.0 supports Delphi 6 & 7 but not 3, 4, 5 or 8
2 – Version
3 – Support using ADO(OLEDB or ODBC)
4 – Version or newer
5-  Version or newer
6 – Currently in BETA
7 – The Clipper RDD has not been changed since version 7.0

Alaska software has created their own Advantage Drivers (ADSDBE) which work with all of the versions of Advantage listed above. The XHarbour community has also developed an Advantage driver.

You can also use the Advantage Client Engine (ACE32.dll) directly on both Windows and Linux platforms. The client kit includes header files for Delphi, Visual Basic and C/C++.

You can also find a version matrix on the Advantage Developer zone. This is updated with each Service Release and is the best place for up-to-date information on the current versions of Advantage.

UPDATE: A detailed datasheet describing the supported platforms and development environments has been posted here.

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