Friday, May 25, 2012

Stored Procedure Enhancements

Stored Procedure EnhancementsFor this week's Advantage Version 11 demonstration I'll be discussing the many enhancements pertaining to SQL stored procedures. There are two major changes in SQL stored procedures included in version 11. First input parameters are directly accessible within the SQL script, there is no need to open the __input table. Second stored procedures can now return varying output. The output of the stored procedure is defined by the final SELECT or EXECUTE PROCEDURE statement.

The demonstration runs approximately 7 minutes and demonstrates the difference between stored procedures written for version 10 and the new version 11 changes. You DO NOT have to rewrite you current stored procedures, version 11 simply adds another method you can use.

You can view the demonstration by clicking on the image or you can download a Windows Media version here. You can find all the Version 11 demonstrations on the DevZone under screencasts.

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