Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SWFox Begins

SWFox_2011_BoothSWFox 2011 begins tonight with the keynote followed by a reception. This is my fifth year attending/exhibiting at this conference. As I mentioned in a previous post we will be doing two sessions on Extending Your FoxPro data to other applications.
One of the demos is a JQueryMobile website that displays the class information for SWFox. This data is stored in VFP9 dbf files and is also used by the Kokopelli scheduling application.

The demo was written using JQueryMobile and accessing the data via the Advantage Web Platform. The example will work in virtually every browser and will automatically resize for various devices such as smartphones and tablets. The data is all read-only, however, data can be modified using simple methods if desired.


You can view the demo here.

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