Friday, July 2, 2010

ADS 10 Tip # 25 – 64-Bit Clients

Several new 64-bit clients are now available with version 10. These include: ODBC, OLEDB, Linux PHP and the Advantage Local Server. 64-bit versions of the Advantage client DLLs now include a 64 in the name ( i.e. ACE64.dll, AXCWS64.dll ) making them easier to distinguish from their 32-bit versions ( i.e. ACE32.dll, AXCWS32.dll ). 64-bit versions of the .NET Data Provider and Advantage Client Engine (ACE) were available in version 9.

Additionally, improvements have been made to the .NET Data Provider making it easier to target multiple platforms. A .NET application can be compiled using the "Any CPU" target and the Advantage .NET Data Provider will automatically load either ACE32.dll or ACE64.dll depending on the target.

For a complete list of all supported clients and platforms refer to the Advantage Database Server Detailed Supported Platforms document. This is updated regularly and includes information for all Advantage Clients and Servers from version 8 through version 10.

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AllsystemsMax said...

Still using Delphi 5 and Advantage Local Server 9. Wanted to see if 64 bit on Win 64 bit PC would solve some performance issues. So I upgraded from Advantage 9.10 to 10.10, installed the updated tdataset.exe. Recompiled my application, loaded ace64.dll and adsloc64.dll in my application folder, BUT the app is still using ace32.dll. How do i know this? If I rename ace32.dll the app says it can't find ace32.dll and won't run. How can I direct the app to use the 64 bit dll's instead?