Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chicago FoxPro User Group Meeting

Last night we presented at the Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group. We got a great turnout and the meeting lasted nearly three hours. There were many questions about replication and encryption during the meeting. It was great to have such an interactive group to present to.

We did take a short break during the meeting to have some authentic Chicago style pizza. Which made for a great break during the meeting.

With everyone energized after the pizza we finished up the meeting by showing some demonstrations of our CloneDBC utility and using Advantage from FoxPro. Again we had great interaction and good questions during the demos and we were able to discuss several use cases and scenarios.

All of the attendees received a flash drive which included all of the screen casts we have produced for FoxPro developers. You can view these screencasts all together using this link. Many other screen casts about Advantage are available on the Devzone.

We will be in Madison, WI tonight for another user group meeting.

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