Monday, June 15, 2009

Michigan FoxPro User Groups

I was on the road last week visiting FoxPro user groups. This is a great community filled with talented developers. Most of whom have many years experience working with databases in general.

We visited the Detroit Area FoxPro User Group (DAFUG) and the Grand Rapids FoxPro User Group (GRAFUG) and presented the same material we did at the Atlanta FoxPro User Group (AFUG) earlier in the week. For more details about the information we presented take a look at this post.

One of the really cool things about the FoxPro community is how tight knit they are. Many of the members travel to other user group meetings to present material. For example many of the speakers selected for Southwest Fox will be presenting at user group meetings prior to the conference. For a complete listing of these SWFox previews take a look at this post from the SWFox blog.

As always the presentation was well received. However, the best conversations generally happen after the meeting. We visited a great pizza place after the Detroit user group where we chatted for several hours. The Grand Rapids group meets on Saturday mornings so we were able to go to lunch before our flight home.

Thanks to everyone who came to the user group meetings. Especially to Dale Zimmer, president DAFUG, and Jody Meyer, president GRAFUG, for coordinating the meetings. 

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