Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Advantage Unicode Preview

The Advantage R&D team has been working on Unicode support for the next version of Advantage. In order to make this feature as robust as possible we will be releasing some technical previews of the Unicode support. The first technical preview is now available, you must register to receive the preview. Here is the message from JD Mullin:

If you have an application you would like to start modifying to use these new field types, and would like to provide feedback on our early phases of development, please send an e-mail to and include "Attn:JD" in the subject. In addition, please also specify your development environment (Delphi, ADO.NET, etc).

Unicode support will be implemented in several phases. The current technical preview has been released with local server support only. The first technical preview includes a new build of Advantage Data Architect (version 9.9) and two clients ADO.NET and the Advantage Delphi Components.

ARC Unicode Support

The technical preview includes the following features:

  • Three new field types (nchar, nvarchar, nmemo)
  • SQL scalar function support (i.e. UPPER, LOWER, …)
  • WHERE clause, ORDER BY and GROUP BY
  • Unicode parameter data
  • CAST() and CONVERT()

There are several limitations in this first technical preview the following items are not yet supported:

  • Unicode Field Names
  • Indexes on Unicode field types
  • Expression engine functions called with Unicode field types

For all the details and to participate in the program send an e-mail to ATTN:JD in the subject line.


Anonymous said...

When is it due?

Chris Franz said...

The evaluation period is still open so you may request the preview any time.